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Riley Rittenhouse


An app dedicated to helping retirees enjoy their retirement and establish routines.

Project Type: UX/UI Design

Role: Research, Prototyping, Testing

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Understanding the problem

Retirees are twice as likely to report feeling symptoms of depression than those who are still working. They suffer from a loss of routine and have a difficult time getting motivated. The app could help motivate them and help establish a new routine.

Empathy Map
Sketches Thrive

Logo Development

The logo was inspired by rock balancing which encourages confidence, creativity, and trains in letting go of things.


After I identified the basic features, I made a quick site map and then worked on wireframes and prototyping in Figma.



From talking with a mentor over the summer, I learned more about accessibility and was able to identify some areas of the app that needed more improvement. This feedback led me to look more into accessibility for retirees and how to design around this specific user.



The onboarding process helps the user sign up and then goes through picking their first habit and how to check it off each day.

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First+Habit Checked

Key Screens

The first screen would show people completing their habits, and be used as a way to motivate retirees to complete their own habits each day. The second screen is for habits, and would show your progress for the week. The final screen would show the monthly view and how many days in a row retirees have completed their habits.


Add Habit

To differentiate this from other habit trackers, I wanted to incorporate habits that were less generic and focused more on mental health. Retirees can choose from different categories but also have the option to create their own habits.


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