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Riley Rittenhouse


An app that helps students with ADHD manage their tasks and assignments.

Project Type: UX/UI Design

Role: Research, Prototyping, Testing

Team: Emmaline Morris, Lydia McCracken

Understanding the problem

The goal of this project was to identify an educational inequality and create an app to solve the problem. Todew is a task management app that helps young adults with ADHD manage their tasks with ease.

We identified ADHD as an educational inequality in high school and college students because it is being diagnosed more in adults. They often don’t recieve the same level of treatment as they would being diagnosed as a child.

Journey Map

Focus Areas

Excited 1


This includes having a limited attention span, distracting themselves and others, forgetfulness or procrastination.


Memory Issues

Students can also have a difficult time with remembering when an assignment is due, and not being able to focus on a task.


Emotional Dysregulation

Students become frustrated and this can present as emotional outbursts and behavioral problems.

Todew Character

To get students to return to the app everyday we created a character based on some best practices for ADHD. Body doubling helps encourage people with ADHD to get their work done, and we also found that virtual pets/caring for plants can be great for creating a schedule to follow.

Todew Character

Main Features


To Do


Timer Start

Mood Tracker

Log Mood

Initial screens

We prototyped the app in Sketch, and then developed it as a team. Our initial screens were good but after revisiting the project myself, I noticed that some of the functionality needed to be reworked.


Connect Calendars

Updated Screens


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