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Riley Rittenhouse

Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities

Providing brand consistency to a non-profit organization.

Project Type: Branding, Web Design

Role: Team Lead, Research, Prototyping, Testing

Team: Téa Kruisenga, Alex VandeVooren

Gaah Banner


The new logo is a simplified version of the sun that is used to represent the organization.

Logo Dev


The two centers are well known among the neighbors in the community, and host the classes and programs for students.

Cac Logos
Clc Logos
Gaah Centers Banner


Programs that take place at the library center are green and programs from the arts center are blue. Programs that are held at both centers utilize the orange.

Arts Center
Library Applications

Día del Sol

For their annual fundraiser I prototyped emails, social media posts and other materials using the new branding.

2021 DDS Posts 01
2021 DDS Posts 02
2021 DDS Posts 06
2021 DDS Posts 08
2021 DDS Email



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